NEW IPL (Intense pulse light) System

For Hair Removal and Photo-Rejuvenation

NEW IPL (Intense Pulse Light) with a chilled hand piece and easy to use pre-set touch screen technology

Treatments for Men & Women - NEW IPL (Intense pulse light) System

Hair Removal and Photo-Rejuvenation

This system comes with a chilled hand piece and unique easy to use colour touch screen interface. This automatically sets the correct setting for a variety of treatments, based on your patients/clients individual criteria. These high levels of light energy can be used effectively for the treatment of unwanted hair, skin rejuvenation and active acne.

This new advanced revolutionary technology combines Versatility to the treatments delivered whilst minimising heating of the surrounding tissue without damaging the surrounding areas which enables the operator to vary the treatment to suit each patient/client needs. This ensures that optimum treatment results are achieved every time.

For example the high level of energy which is needed to enhance the thermal increase in the hair bulb, without increasing the temperature of the epidermis. This enables the coarser and more stubborn hairs to be treated efficiently. Also this rapid rise in energy is also extremely effective for the treatment of superficial vascular and pigmentation lesions, active acne, acne rosacea, age spots, sun spots and sun damaged skin. This also includes Anti-Ageing Photo Rejuvenation for the reduction of fine line and wrinkles.

These conditions can all be treated effectively using the appropriate filters selected for you by the IPL's intelligent colour touch screen system, this unique colour touch screen interface, choosing the right settings could not be easier.

This versatility enables the operator to vary the treatment to suit each patient ensuring that optimum treatment results are achieved every time.

For Fitzpatrick skin types I-V. Client comfort is made possible by the integrated water cooling system designed for the hand piece which is available with high-purity sapphire built-in variable chilling system.

The income projection assumes a 48 week per annum.
Per Day
Gross Profit
Gross Profit
Gross Profit

Income projection - Based on a 5 day week

IPL treatments in (Small towns) - £200 per day = £1,000 per week =£5,000 per month

Medium towns) £400 per day = £2,000 per week = £10,000 per month

Larger towns/or cities £1,000 per day = £5,000 per week = £20,000 per month

  • Built-in high purity sapphire glass chilled hand piece
  • Hand pieces with filters: 450,530,590 -1200nm
  • Spot Size: 20 x 50mm
  • Spot reducers

This system offers a variety of Treatments for your patients/clients;

  • Hair Removal (Skin Type I to IV)
  • Anti-Ageing Photo Rejuvenation
  • Reduction of Fine line and wrinkles
  • Collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Superficial Vascular Lesions
  • Pigmentation Lesions
  • Active acne clearance
  • Acne/Rosacea
  • Age Spots & Sun Spots
  • Blood Spots

Business Potential for all IPL & Nd: YagTreatments

Earning in excess of £200.00 per hour, you have the potential to treat up to 20 clients in a working day (depending on which areas you are treating), the following income projection chart is calculated using a minimum charge of £50.00 for an upper lip hair removal treatment which takes 15 minutes.

We are dedicated to providing high quality training on a one-to-one basis ensuring individual attention within relaxed professional surroundings. You will also be able to perform treatments on paying clients when you have completed your course, helping you to recoup your course cost in a short period of time, making an exciting and profitable career in the Laser industry.

The Academy of Beauty Training delivers what we believe to be the PREMIER training in the UK and Ireland & Europe. The delivery of all our courses is carried out to a very high standard by highly qualified teachers. All our training courses are endorsed and recognised by leading Industry Insurance Companies and your Academy of Beauty Training Certificates are awarded on successful completion of your course which will enable you to gain insurance and to commence work legally in the public sector.

  • FREE training
  • FREE Full business start- up package
  • Plus 12 Months Warranty
  • Finance Packages Available

Finance Options Available

A deposit is not usually required; just the first 3 month's payment for your equipment purchase. The major tax advantage of equipment purchasing is that every payment is 100% allowable against your tax and the rates are fixed for the length of the agreement.

Download full details of the NEW IPL System


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