A FULL manufacturer's warranty is given for each product sold

The warranty provided is specifically designed for each product. All warranties will cover your product for 12 months from the date of delivery and will include the basic items listed below as well as individual items for each product.

External cables, keys and treatment belts are not included in this warranty and please note that the equipment repaired or replaced is only covered for the remaining unexpired portion of the original warranty period.

After the 12 months manufacturer's warranty expires you will then be given the choice to take out a service cover contract to make sure your equipment undergoes an annual service.

Please note that only the Companies qualified service engineers should undertake all maintenance or repairs.

  1. The company engineers will use calibrated equipment in line with the regulatory requirement for that specified device.
  2. Charges may be made for upgrades that require hardware and/or add to the indications of use for the device.
  3. The company will provide technical telephone support for the duration of the 12 month contract.
  4. This Agreement does not cover any defects caused by accident, misuse, neglect, tampering with or attempted repair of the equipment other than by an authorised agent
  5. The above outlined Service Agreements apply within the UK & Ireland Only


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